Project Inn holds a series of conferences “Ukrainian Lipid School” in different cities of Ukraine.

The main topics covered in the event are:

– Gender features of lipid metabolism disorders.

– Actual problems of hyplipidemic and antihypertensive therapy.

– Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and treatment of dyslipidemias.

– Dyslipidemia in childhood and adolescence.

The event is attended by doctors: operating specialties, therapeutic profile, pediatricians, outpatient doctors, inpatient doctors, staff members of profile departments, family doctors, and other specialists interested in this topic

The events will be held in different cities of Ukraine, you can see the schedule of events in detail in the calendar of events. Participation in the conference is free of charge, subject to mandatory registration. You can fill out the registration form online at Conference participants will receive a  certificate of 5 points.